How To Look Years Younger

How To Look Years Younger


For many people growing old is a hard fact to deal with. Many people consider aging a dreadful experience. When many people think of aging, they think of the deterioration of their appearance whereas the options of remaining youthful are more appealing since we tend to feel better about ourselves in our youth. There are simple methods to take years off your appearance to help retain the youthful appearance without the need for painful plastic surgery or the needles used in many procedures.


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You have gray hair. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all, but the hairstyles can add years to your appearance. To disguise the wrinkles on your forehead, wear bangs to hide them. The current hairstyles today incorporate many ways of wearing bangs giving you increased options for the new style. You can wear the bangs straight or have them lightly sweep over your forehead.


Soften your jawline with a layered hairstyle cut to the neck area to draw the focus away from this area. Add shorter layers on the top of the head to add volume and take more attention off the jawline and sagging areas. If you have crow’s feet around your eyes, style your hair around your eyes to help hide the lines. If you wear your hair long, have it layered to refresh your appearance and give yourself a natural facelift.


To hide the gray hairs, instead of coloring the entire hair, opt for highlights to enhance your natural color. The newly added colors will give a youthful appearance. If you want to dye your hair, avoid selecting a shade too dark for your complexion since it will make you look older instead of younger.


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To use makeup to change the appearance of your eyes, reshape your eyebrows. If you have thinning eyebrows, use a cosmetic pencil to fill in the sparse areas with a brow powder to fix the pencil on the eyebrow area.


Apply concealer to remove the dark patches and age spots. Use a creamy color that contains peach or yellow undertone to remove the bluish cast under your eyes. Avoid concealers that are lighter than your skin tone. Apply a slight amount of foundation with a powder to seal the concealer. Avoid using too much powder, or you will create lines and highlight the flaws in your skin tone. Use a cream blush instead of powder blush. Using a powder blush will draw attention to the lines in your face.


Use a lighter lip color. Darker colors will make your features appear harsh and accentuate the imperfections in your skin. Make your lips fuller add a touch of lip gloss to the bottom lip.


Apply a moisturizer to your face to keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated. If you use foundation, use a moisture-rich mixture. Avoid using too much foundation as it will form in the lines of your face making you appear older as well as showing the fine lines on your face.


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