Achieving Mental Health Through Anger Management

Achieving Mental Health Through Anger Management


When a person can no longer deal with the difficult situations in life, there are only two things that can probably happen: cry in vain and be forever depressed or be angry at the person or thing that caused the problem. Either way, the individual has no way to deal with his misery, and when he can no longer take the pain, he blames everyone for his mishaps. Mental health is nowhere to be found. A person must know how to deal with anger to achieve mental health.


Sad woman


Anger is unified into a person’s life. Even children can become angry because of something. Anger is not something to be worried about, it is not an abnormal state of mind but in fact, is a normal and healthy reaction of the person’s mind and body to a specific situation that didn’t agree with the person. Being angry is never comfortable. Bearing the pain and grudge within your system can be destructive in time. Often, a person becomes mad after being sad or hurt. Anger is a perfect excuse to destroy other people and strike back. Anger is an emotion that gives the person experiencing it to become more aggravated.


Anger can become an external defense mechanism especially if the hurt is applied physically and not emotionally. Although, anger becomes a threat when it is already contributing destruction to the lives of others. It is of natural accentuation to act angry in certain circumstances, it’s just a matter on how a person handles his anger is the real deal. There are multiple ways to manage your anger. Some of which are:


  1. Relaxation techniques – Here, the person must find a way to calm down the system responsible for increasing the angry feeling which is the autonomic nervous system. These include:


  • Fast relaxation technique which is equated with deep breathing and allows the diaphragm to expand and increase oxygen intake


  • Meditative processes like mindfulness and relaxation meditation.


  • Wait for a couple of seconds before regressing with the situation. You can try counting from one to ten before you react to the situation. This will give you a couple of seconds to run down events and what outcome can your anger produce.


  1. Cognitive techniques – are referred to the methods that can change your expectations and beliefs in life which can replace your angry thoughts into more conventional and reasonable ones. You have to remember that the moment you become mad your entire system is affected. Unless you do something about making it more meaningful than destructive, your anger will just increase.


Techniques that are used for anxiety and depression can be of enormous help. It is also essential that you talk to someone about your worries and how your anger has developed to be more enlightened.


Portrait of a depressed teen girl


When anger is repressed and is not adequately expressed in any means necessary, this can cause problems that’ll bring further questions along the way. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that expressing of anger anywhere and anytime of the day just because you feel like it is good. Balancing the approach which may include the acknowledgment of that anger and acting on it accordingly can help reduce the foreseeable crisis. This will stabilize the mind and produce mental health in the person.


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