My First Credit Card Buy Now-Pay Later

My First Credit Card Buy Now-Pay Later



Credit cards offer you so many advantages. With a credit card, you can purchase several things you need to make yourself more comfortable. But despite all the benefits that come with holding a credit card it can create a lot of problems for you if you are not careful.


It creates a lot of problems for some people if you are not careful you can end up incurring high finance and interest charges that will make it almost impossible to repay back your bill and thus, lead you to massive credit card debt you may never get out. However, it’s possible for you to stay clear of debt if you can follow a few tips provided in this article and that of your finance consultant.


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Consulting your financial advisor is very important when you are thinking of applying for credit card. You can both reasons together on your financial needs.


When you get the card make sure you keep every receipt and compare them with your monthly bill, there may be discrepancies which can drown you in debt if you don’t discover it. Once you find out any, report to your credit card company immediately.


Giving your credit card to friends and family is one of the ways to incur more debt. So, keep your credit card away from friends, families, and strangers.


Make sure you don’t owe then you can repay at the end of the month as it can damage your credit and hurt your chances of getting credit in the future. See credit cards as a loan you must pay back. You can avoid this by paying your bill on time, if possible, pay it every month.


One of the mistakes most cardholders make is paying off one credit card with another. It’s a complete bad habit. It will inevitably lead you to more debt, and you may find it difficult to get out of it.


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