Ideas for Vacation Destinations

Ideas for Vacation Destinations


Not sure where to go this summer? Sometimes, it’s good to think outside the box and try something different. Here are some tips and ideas on vacation destinations.


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  1. Lakeside Cottage

There are lakeside cottages to be found all over North America. These cottages offer more than just scenery; many such destinations might be near historic sites, or even near shopping centers (some lakeside cabins feel remarkably remote even though they are close to the city). Lakeside cottages may also offer water fun, like water skiing, canoeing, and/or fishing. Hiking and nature exploration is another activity that is often part of a lakeside cottage stay.


  1. Rent an RV

There are so many places you can go in an RV. You can make it a simple camping trip or do something more elaborate. Here are some ideas for vacationing in an RV:


-Park your RV in a forest or wilderness park and camp. You can hike during the day if you like and just use the RV as a home base.


-Drive somewhere new every day, staying overnight in RV parks. This may be a good compromise for those who like to be on the go and those who wish to stay put – you will be in a different place every night, but in the same “rooms.”


-Choose a destination such as Disney World/Land and park your RV in a park nearby. Then you can spend the day at the theme park and come “home” at night.


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-Sight-seeing can be really fun in an RV. You can take a tour to see landmarks, historic sites, “world’s biggest” this or that, etc. You could also do a theme park vacation, visiting various amusement and theme parks. You won’t have to worry about hotel expenses, but you will need to plan ahead to make sure there’s a place to park your RV.


  1. Horseback Riding

Have you thought about taking a horseback riding vacation? It could involve riding on trails and camping outside, or it might just be a daytime event. You can put together an exciting vacation around horseback riding, such as staying on a ranch and riding somewhere different each day.


  1. Summer Skiing

Yes, you read that right. Head for the mountains for some snowy relief from the summer heat. There are destinations in the Alps, Argentina (the Andes), and other places. Taking the family skiing in the summer could be just the thing to beat the heat.


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