Achieving Mental Health Through Anger Management

Achieving Mental Health Through Anger Management


When a person can no longer deal with the difficult situations in life, there are only two things that can probably happen: cry in vain and be forever depressed or be angry at the person or thing that caused the problem. Either way, the individual has no way to deal with his misery, and when he can no longer take the pain, he blames everyone for his mishaps. Mental health is nowhere to be found. A person must know how to deal with anger to achieve mental health.


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Anger is unified into a person’s life. Even children can become angry because of something. Anger is not something to be worried about, it is not an abnormal state of mind but in fact, is a normal and healthy reaction of the person’s mind and body to a specific situation that didn’t agree with the person. Being angry is never comfortable. Bearing the pain and grudge within your system can be destructive in time. Often, a person becomes mad after being sad or hurt. Anger is a perfect excuse to destroy other people and strike back. Anger is an emotion that gives the person experiencing it to become more aggravated.


Anger can become an external defense mechanism especially if the hurt is applied physically and not emotionally. Although, anger becomes a threat when it is already contributing destruction to the lives of others. It is of natural accentuation to act angry in certain circumstances, it’s just a matter on how a person handles his anger is the real deal. There are multiple ways to manage your anger. Some of which are:


  1. Relaxation techniques – Here, the person must find a way to calm down the system responsible for increasing the angry feeling which is the autonomic nervous system. These include:


  • Fast relaxation technique which is equated with deep breathing and allows the diaphragm to expand and increase oxygen intake


  • Meditative processes like mindfulness and relaxation meditation.


  • Wait for a couple of seconds before regressing with the situation. You can try counting from one to ten before you react to the situation. This will give you a couple of seconds to run down events and what outcome can your anger produce.


  1. Cognitive techniques – are referred to the methods that can change your expectations and beliefs in life which can replace your angry thoughts into more conventional and reasonable ones. You have to remember that the moment you become mad your entire system is affected. Unless you do something about making it more meaningful than destructive, your anger will just increase.


Techniques that are used for anxiety and depression can be of enormous help. It is also essential that you talk to someone about your worries and how your anger has developed to be more enlightened.


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When anger is repressed and is not adequately expressed in any means necessary, this can cause problems that’ll bring further questions along the way. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that expressing of anger anywhere and anytime of the day just because you feel like it is good. Balancing the approach which may include the acknowledgment of that anger and acting on it accordingly can help reduce the foreseeable crisis. This will stabilize the mind and produce mental health in the person.


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Coping Techniques for People Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis

Coping Techniques for People Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis



Having a chronic disease brings a host of changes in one’s life and those of others who depend on you or interact with you regularly. Once you receive a diagnosis, you would find that the symptoms are increasingly becoming more difficult. People are getting affected; you progress into something less able to function normally. And the condition gets worst. Your relationship with people, most of whom you love and care for, gets injured. On top of this, there are no known cures, only treatments that you hope will relieve the unpredictable symptoms. There may not be a lot you can do about it, but there are some things that could ease your distress. One way of taking charge of multiple sclerosis is by knowing and practicing appropriate coping techniques.


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Have a positive disposition; it is hard to be hopeful knowing that there is a massive wall between you being sick and you having a normal life. But it always pays to look at the brighter side of your condition. It is not a terminal disease, and it’s not contagious. That’s a good start. Also, having a positive outlook lifts vast chunks of the burden from your breast – it makes you a lot happier, a bit more hopeful and, in fact, a bit less sick.


Educate your family about multiple sclerosis or, encourage them to understand the sickness. Much of the problem comes from your family’s inability to cope with your disease. However, by enlightening them about the nature of your condition, what should be their expectations, what should be their attitudes about your symptoms. This way, they will know where you are coming from, and they would be able to understand you better if not, help you suffer less.


Be like the children who have multiple sclerosis themselves – In the face of a chronic illness or disability, children seem to handle it much better than their adult counterparts. It is because they have high expectations about their future; they do not quickly lose their grip on their hopes of becoming better. This attitude tends to protect them from the debilitation they are or will be experiencing. If an adult sufferer can take hold of this attitude or develop it, it would surely be beneficial.


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Don’t bother too much about the future. Do not live in the future. By doing so, you will not have to be overpowered by fear of the future. It is the winning attitude of people who are triumphant against the disease. Just try to prepare and think about it but do not act like you have to control it.


Live one day at a time – Treat every day like you a perfectly normal human being. It would not prevent the relapse of symptoms for sure, but it could help you get through the day without it being too overwhelming for you.


Don’t nurse your pain – Because the symptoms are unpredictable and because they are often life-inhibiting, your best course of action against them is not to focus on them, though without compromising your needs for rehabilitation, therapy, and treatment.


A patient’s attitude often defines how well he can live through his sickness and the disabilities it causes. So, get that positive attitude.


We hope this information was beneficial. You can have anything you want if you are enthusiastic about putting in the time, effort and plans to get to your goals. Discover the secrets why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. Click Here to view a video with more life tips!


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Your Meds and Your Sexual Health

Your Meds and Your Sexual Health


Try as one might, any and all forms of medication will always carry the risk of having side effects that affect another aspect of the body. A person’s sexual health falls under this area, with two forms of medication that can have drastic effects in the sexual arena. These drugs are antidepressants and heart medication.


sexual health:

The realm of sexual health can often be a touchy subject for some people. There are thousands of potential cultural, psychological, religious, and personal factors that come into play when talking about sexual health. However, one thing that most people can agree upon is that there are physiological and biochemical factors in that sort of thing that can affect the physical aspect of the topic. Various medications, even ones that may not necessarily be related to sexual health or the areas of the body that are directly connected to it, may have side effects that alter one’s libido or physical ability to “perform.” Sex-related disorders can be caused by a variety of medications so it would be good for most people to have some idea of what effects such medications might have on the user.


There are various ways that sexual health can be affected by medication. The first thing that concerns some would be the effect that drugs might have on one’s libido. There are several drugs that can reduce the libido as a side effect, basically causing a sharp decline in sexual desire. Another problem would be the ability to maintain sexual arousal, to the point that the ability to achieve orgasms can sometimes be affected in a negative manner. The sustainability of an erection can also be a problem in males, though there appears to be no corresponding problem for females. Whether this is due to the perceived difficulty of sustaining sexual arousal in a female or because there are no side effects of that sort for women is a matter of debate.


Antidepressants are among the many classifications of medication that can influence a person’s sexual health. Most antidepressants work by inhibiting various neural receptors in the nervous system and brain, such as serotonin. In most cases, this is not really a problem, because these chemicals have no known direct effects on a person’s sexual health and libido. However, there are some circumstances where the mix of a person’s individual biochemistry and the effects of the drug can result in any number of side effects, not the least of which can have repercussions in the sexual arena. The effects of this sort of problem usually last for about if a person is taking the type of antidepressant that initially caused the problem. In most situations, a simple change of antidepressant (which may or may not be a simple feat to accomplish) is enough to alleviate the immediate effects.


The flow of blood is very important to sexual performance, though the purposes of it are more painfully obvious for the male half of the species. As such, any medications or drugs that influence the circulatory system can have drastic effects on a person’s sexual health. Any medication used to treat hypertension and high blood pressure can potentially have effects on things like erection, arousal, and performance. Obviously, blood pressure and the overall health of the cardiovascular system can have effects on endurance and the ability to sustain physical activity. While these are not directly related to sex, it does have effects on it.


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