Virtual Careers, Self-Employment, Self-Assess, Or Self-Destruct

Virtual Careers, Self-Employment, Self-Assess, Or Self-Destruct



Unfortunately, high hopes and large amounts of time, energy and commitment — valuable though they may be — do not ensure the success of an entrepreneurial venture. In fact, research indicates that about 60 percent of all businesses fail within the first two years. Much depends on the individual’s “entrepreneurial profile,” and one of the best ways to discover this is by doing a self-assessment.


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Unfortunately, high hopes and large amounts of time, energy and commitment — valuable though they may be — do not ensure the success of an entrepreneurial venture. In fact, research indicates that about 60 percent of all businesses fail within the first two years. Much depends on the individual’s “entrepreneurial profile,” and one of the best ways to discover this is by doing a self-assessment.

Over the years, working with some 4,000 Virtual Assistants and Virtual Professionals in 65+ countries and being entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve developed a good practical sense of the traits that successful entrepreneurs share. We used this background in designing the application process for our Portable Career & Virtual Assistant Training Program for Military Spouses™, and it has helped substantially in identifying candidates with the greatest likelihood of success both in training and afterward, as they launch and grow their virtual businesses.

The following Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment is adapted from the online application form for our Virtual Assistant training program. This series of 13 questions is one of the tools we use to see if an applicant has characteristics commonly found in successful business owners.


Closeup to hand of student  holding pencil and taking exam in classroom with stress for education test.

Without peeking at the score key, write down the choice that most closely describes you.

01. Are you a self-starter?
A. I often need help to get a job going.
B. I can decide what needs to get done and get it going quickly.
C. I wait until the last minute to start a project because I work better under deadlines.

02. Why do you want to start your own business?
A. I’m tired of the people I work with.
B. I want the freedom to manage my own business.
C. I want to get rich quickly.

03. How do you feel about other people?
A. Most people irritate me and make my job more difficult.
B. I like people and get along with just about anybody.
C. I like to have a small circle of friends and acquaintances. It makes things simple.

04. How do you manage projects?
A. I take care of everything myself to make sure it’s right.
B. I delegate as much as possible and let people execute tasks with little supervision.
C. I delegate and jump in to help every chance I get.

05. Can you lead others?
A. I must push hard but can make people perform.
B. I don’t have to do much to get people moving.
C. I usually let someone else get things moving.

06. Will you have family support?
A. My family will complain about if I have less free time.
B. My family is likely to know that I am trying to plan for our future and will understand long hours.
C. My family will likely want to get involved with my work and help in any way possible.

07. Can you take responsibility?
A. I’ll take over if I must, but I’d rather let someone else be responsible.
B. I let people who are more outgoing or eager than me take the lead.
C. I like to take charge of and see things through.

08. How are your organizational skills?
A. I like to have a plan before I start.
B. I often have trouble setting priorities.
C. I have trouble juggling many types of responsibility.

09. Can you “stick with it”?
A. I don’t let anything stop me from pursuing my goals, even if it means sacrificing other activities or projects.
B. If a plan isn’t going as expected, I don’t waste any more time on it.
C. I put in as much time as necessary to make a project successful, while balancing it with other priorities, and don’t stop until it’s done.

10. What expectations do you have for your work schedule?
A. I’d like to have more free time in my new business.
B. When someone starts their own business, they’re always on the clock.
C. I plan to work hard but want to limit the amount of time I spend on the business.

11. Can you make decisions effectively?
A. I need plenty of time to decide, or I regret it.
B. I am a fast thinker and usually make an acceptable decision.
C. I usually let other people make decisions because I’m afraid of being wrong.

12. Can people trust what you say?
A. Sometimes I just say what people want to hear.
B. My word is as good as gold.
C. All’s fair in business, right? I say what I must

13. When I am in an unfamiliar place with new people, I usually
A. Sit back and observe other people.
B. Talk to many people about myself and my business.
C. Ask many questions to get to know new people.

Scoring your responses:
A number value (in parenthesis) has been assigned to each of the possible responses to the 13 questions. Simply write the corresponding number next to the letter you selected for each question.

01. A (3), B (8), C (5)
02. A (2), B (8), C (4)
03. A (2), B (8), C (5)
04. A (1), B (8), C (6)
05. A (5), B (8), C (4)
06. A (2), B (6), C (7)
07. A (2), B (5), C (8)
08. A (7), B (3), C (4)
09. A (5), B (2), C (7)
10. A (1), B (7), C (5)
11. A (4), B (8), C (2)
12. A (4), B (8), C (1)
13. A (1), B (4), C (8)


What your score means:

42 or less
If you scored 42 or less, it’s unlikely you possess the characteristics necessary to be successful in running your own business.

43 to 54
While a score between 43 and 54 indicates you exhibit some of the core characteristics necessary to succeed in running your own business, you are likely to find many difficulties in self-employment and could often feel obliged to “act out of character” to succeed.

55 to 65
Achieving a score between 55 and 65 indicates you possess good entrepreneurial traits and should have a very good chance of being a successful entrepreneur.

66 or higher
Achieving a score of 66 or higher indicates you possess top-notch entrepreneurial characteristics and should have an excellent chance of success in your own small business.

Of course, successful people come in many shapes and forms, and there is no “one size fits all” assessment tool for entrepreneurship. Although this self-evaluation should help you better understand the mindset and character traits of successful entrepreneurs, and how you “stack up” relative to that group, in the end, it will be your own unique personality and circumstances that will determine your own unique future.


We hope this information was beneficial.  You can have anything you want if you are enthusiastic about putting in the time, effort and plans to get to your goals.  Discover the secrets why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. Click Here to view a video with more life tips!

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Work at Home Employment

Work at Home Employment


Work at home employment is like a diet plan. And a plan is only as good as the one who made it, right? It’s true that work at home employment can earn you lots of money and offer you more benefits than you can think of – but only, if you follow the plan exactly as it was meant to be followed.


Stylish young African American entrepreneur


Take diets, for example. Diets only work if you adhere strictly to the portions and exercise regularly. If you do this, you can lose weight in no time at all. However, most people only use a diet program to reach a weight goal and then afterward, quickly go back to their unhealthy eating habits and stop exercising. The result is that they’re fatter than ever.



The same thing happens with work at home employment plans. If you’re considering finding work at home employment by engaging in a small business, find out how to run it first and do something. If you do all this, you will eventually succeed. Sure, your first try may fail. That happens a lot, but persistence is the key. Nobody can do things automatically (unless you’re a robot) and nobody can be successful overnight. Like diets, work at home employment plans needs effort on your part for them to work.


Business man pointing the text: Be Your Own Boss


For work at home employment plan to work, you must have the right attitude, the right outlook, and the right state of mind. Avoid negatives. Avoid BUTs. Here are some BUTs that you might find yourself facing when considering a work at home employment:


* I don’t think I can succeed. Success takes time and effort for it to manifest itself. A good way to find out how to succeed in work at home employment is to observe what successful people are doing and copy what they do.

* I’m not disciplined enough. For you to succeed in work at home employment, you need some semblance of discipline. Think of it this way: If you are disciplined enough to go to work every day five days a week, then you ought to be disciplined enough to start your own business.

* I don’t want all that responsibility. You are responsible for running your household, aren’t you? Plus, you assume many responsibilities for your boss. You’ll be surprised at how responsible you really are.

* It’s not a real job, and I need a real job to fulfill my needs. It’s true that you might feel like this at first. But after a while, that feeling disappears. There’s nothing more real than a work at home employment position at your own business.


You can have anything you want if you are willing to put in the time, effort and plans to get to your goals.  Discover the secrets why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. Click Here to view a video with more life tips!  In closing, We invite you to share your comments on this subject and the other posts. If you find the information useful, Like & Share us on Facebook, Google Plus and other social media platforms.  Remember to keep an open mind and Shift 4 Freedom.

How to Create a Pattern of Success

How to Create a Pattern of Success


Once you experience success you will be able to look back and realize that you achieve all success pretty much the same way. You set a goal, follow through on the tasks needed to be done for achieving results, keep an open mind, learn from others, track your successes, (most important) to learn from failure and do not give up! Regardless to the people or obstacles that attempted to block your path. It’s the same thing, over and over again. And it works.


If you want to create a pattern of success in your life, you can start now by learning the secret that successful people know. Successful people are only special because they are doers and follow through. They are not smarter than others; in fact, it is entirely possible you are smarter on paper than they are. You just don’t follow through.


Become a Goal Setting Expert

Start at the top and learn how to craft the best goals for yourself. Know that the goal is something that can be accomplished and know that the goal is measurable before you finish writing it. Most of all, make sure it’s a goal that you really want to achieve. Know the difference between a goal and a dream, one has a date and steps to achieve it.


Pins on calendar


Schedule Everything

People who achieve are doers. If you want to get something done, schedule it no matter how silly it might seem to you. If you put it in a scheduled time, and not just on a generic “to do” list, it will be more likely that you get it done.


For instance, if you have set a goal to write an 80,000-word novel by a certain date, then you should know how many pages you need to get done each week and which days you can work on it, which times, hours, and how long it takes you to write a page. Successful writers write; they don’t wait for inspiration to strike. They schedule it, and do it. The same can be said for anything you want to achieve. You don’t wait until you want to do it; you do it on schedule.


Automate the Mundane

There are a lot of things that need to be done but that can escalate easily into “busy work” which doesn’t get you closer to a goal. Bookkeeping for instance is something that can be accomplished today, with the right software, almost automatically. You can schedule payments to happen automatically; you can also use software that enters everything for you in the ledger. Freeing up time to focus on your scheduled activities that must be done to achieve the goal is a more productive use of time.


Get Outside Expert Help

To be a success doesn’t mean you should do everything yourself. You’re not on your own. The best scientists, professors, doctors, lawyers, and CEOs have assistants who help them look great. You too can hire outside help and contractors to help you do the tasks needed to reach your goals. Other than doing exercise for you and thing you must do physically for yourself, there isn’t much you can’t outsource today.


Stop Reinventing the Wheel

In most cases, someone has already done it before you. Someone has already worked out the kinks and devised a plan of action that will work for you too with hardly any tweaks. Learn from other people’s mistakes and realize that you can gain valuable information from what others are already doing.


Never Stop Learning

They say it takes ten thousand hours of reading about a topic to become an expert on any subject. Keep this in mind as you look toward your future and set your goals. If you want to be an expert, you’ll need to start today building up those ten thousand hours. Even if you know nothing about a topic today, you can be an expert in just ten thousand hours.


Know Your Core Values

As you set goals to create a pattern of success, it’s imperative that you know what your core values are in terms of family, personal, physical and your financial life. Everyone has different areas they need to work on more than others – you need to know what your areas are to set realistic goals that you want to meet.


Track, Assess, Repeat

Nothing is ever done without the paperwork, as they say. Well, that includes creating a pattern of success. Only by setting goals, then tracking and assessing the results of the goals, and then repeating what works will you create a pattern of success.


Creating a pattern of success requires knowledge of goal setting, and goal achieving, and an in-depth knowledge of yourself. Starting today you can gain that knowledge and create a real pattern of success in your life.


Fresh Start To Freedom

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3 things you should know before joining a MLM

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

3 things you should know before joining a MLM.


Why the Multi-Level (a.k.a Network) Marketing industry is becoming so popular. 

Multi-level marketing (MLM) or word of mouth marketing has been around since the early 60’s where someone would come to your home to sell you soaps, perfumes or health care products. These early companies were pioneers of this bold new industry, but like all good concepts, some people would use this model to scam and scheme people out of their hard earned money. Most noted the pyramid scheme.


What is a pyramid scheme? It’s where you would pay into a group or concept without getting any products or services in return, just the promises that by making this investment you would grow your investment and become rich. The Federal Trade Commission is the governing institution to protect the public from these practices. One way to protect yourself for this practice is ask 3 questions.

  • What is the product or service offered?
  • Can a person joining this program exceed the sponsor in position and/or income with ample effort?
  • Where is most of the money made coming from membership or product?

 Having a poor understanding of how the industry truly works is one of the biggest issues. Many people come into a MLM organization with a lottery or sales mentality and they attempt to sell their great products and/or services to all of their friends and family. The problem with this approach is that your friends and family may not want what you have to show them. They may even run away or distance themselves from you for a period. They don’t understand the benefits of what you are offering or just don’t have a need for the product or service. The rejection that comes from this way of doing the business causes a person to throw in the towel prematurely and not get what they were expecting from the venture.

Why The MLM (a.k.a Network) Industry Is Becoming So Popular?

1)     Best Kept Secret Savings Club

2)     Big Business (corporations)

3)     Freedom and tax benefits


Best Kept Secret Savings Club

Everyone loves to get a bargain from the local stores that are close to where we live. We will clip coupons in the newspaper or shop for deals online. Yet people will pass up group discounts that MLM has to offer and in most cases superior quality. Most MLM Companies offer the deepest discounts due to greater buying power.


Big Business

Major corporations are changing the process of introducing their products and services to the public. Companies realize that word of mouth is still the least expensive and fastest method of advertising their products and services. They have also have discovered that customers acquired in this method are more loyal to the brand.


Freedom And Tax Benefits

Most people are programmed to believe in the 40/40/40 plan. You work for 40 hours a week, hopefully for 40 years to receive 40% of your base pay when it’s time to retire. Which is about what you made in your 20’s. While you are working each and everyday building someone else’s dream, who is building your dreams? You have see evidence of this growing problem when you are greeted by an elderly person when a teenager should be conduct that job.


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Earning Money As A Network Professional Is Simple At Shift 4 Freedom

Earning Money As A Network Professional Is Simple At Shift 4 Freedom


At Shift 4 Freedom, you can have an opportunity to maximize your commissions and profits by becoming its network professional. The reward for doing so is regular payouts with minimal effort.


Networking is a viable consideration if you are looking for an alternative source of income. With the right approach, you can guarantee yourself a steady flow of income.


If you are a marketer engaged in developing an online present or searching for products that you can promote to your clients, Networking can help you generate huge commissions monthly while giving you the alternative to earn huge profits or secure your investment.


Signing up with Shift 4 Freedom as network professional can be a crucial move that you can make. There are plenty of reasons why you should register as network professional.


Now, it is one of the most powerful referral programs for travel, it provides 75% of the commission on all travel products and services offered on your website. The tax benefits for having a home-based business that you can operate in person and online give you the best of both worlds.

Passports to world travel

With these travel options at your disposal, even a “one-time” referral business partner to the program can already make you eligible for receiving and generating monthly commissions for your business.


The mission of the network professional program is to provide individuals engaged in travel and investment on a global aspect with the most viable tools and education in networking and empower them to use travel to increase their profit and secure their investment.


By joining in the network professional program, your clients will have access to a wide range of travel products and services such as classes and seminars conducted by professional experts in the industry.

With unique, state-of-the-art, and cutting edge technology, your customers can have the chance to become adept with networking using a virtual e-learning environment. Your customers will learn the skill with the help of a professional instructor who will gladly answer queries and stir interaction with the participants in real time.


The network professional program offers are not only suitable for those who want to dive into the travel bandwagon but also for those who already have an established networking business. Likewise, the program is open for those who are just seeking free information about networking and not intending to venture into the business. Who knows they might end up signing up for the program after hearing the instructor speak.


In addition, the network professional program possesses one of the highest conversion rates and is ranked among the highest paying programs in the field. It offers instant access to the Network Professional Resource Center made exclusively for members. Here you will learn the secret of how to generate $3,000 to $6,000 with minimal effort.


Participating in the network professional program offered by the Shift 4 Freedom can be a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

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