Putting it together

Putting it together



I find that personal finances can be like a huge 3D puzzle set, you have all the pieces, Identify all the shapes, and know how the different forms supposed to interact with one another. Sometimes something goes wrong, you can not find the piece that you need right now, it’s not coming together as you thought, It’s taking much more time to complete than you first thought and it’s harder to put it together. maybe because it’s a lot of very intricate puzzle pieces, but most times in personal finances is because you can’t see the big picture like when people buy a puzzle set


Rich or Poor Acquire Wealth Money Puzzle Piece Hole 3d Illustration


There is a significant advantage that a puzzle set has over your finances; you can go to one place to purchase all the pieces that you need for the puzzle, like a one-stop shop and not have to pick up a part here and get another piece over there. The one thing about puzzles is that when you go to the store to purchase a set, you see the puzzle set that you would enjoy, and you take it home. It doesn’t matter how many pieces that are in that puzzle set you will begin the task at hand, set aside some time to complete the task, clear out an area to which to concentrate on the puzzle set and start to work on the puzzle set. Everyone knows it’s not going to take more than one day.


Now the benefit of the puzzle set is you have all the pieces you need to complete the task at hand. you cut out some time to work on the job, and now you’re about to do the puzzle set starting with the corners and edges as most people do. Identify each piece and put the pieces in their proper place until you get the final image is represented on the container.


When it comes to your finances, you may not be able to connect the dots, follow GPS road maps, or have a final image to emulate. In most educational institutions do not teach personal finances and how to create wealth or even how to avoid your financial pitfalls. Maybe also build businesses that will help not only you but other people around you. You know most people rely on the skills that they’ve acquired over time either through their surroundings and or through in copying someone else’s habits, but that may not work for you. The best way to find a problem is first to identify the issues that are causing the problem. Everybody knows that creating a financial system offers the best results and being consistent and sticking with that system you can create great wealth throughout a lifetime.


Rescued from drowning


Where to start?

First, participate in your own rescue and identify any holes in your budget. This action requires you to take a daily audit of your spending habits. Start with a notepad and for 30 days write down every purchase, and I mean every purchase, no matter how small it may seem, now, how you made that purchase, include purchases with a debit card, credit card, or cash. Write it all down the date that you purchased and where you made the purchase. Also, track all recurring payments you make each month like credit cards, installments, and utility payments. Do this for 30 days, and as the puzzle set, you will see a pattern developing.


Improving your financial outlook will take some time. Everybody knows that the issues did not happen overnight, and the corrections won’t happen overnight as well. So, wherever you find yourself, pace yourself, educate yourself on your financial habits and educate yourself on what tools are available you and reach out to people who can assist you in reaching your desired lifestyle.


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